Together we have co-written a blog about mothering and writing since 2011 and we continue enjoying the twists and turns of thinking through sharing, disclosure and self-censoring in digital writing situations. As feminists, we are grappling with ways to invoke privacy values and boundary setting in a liberatory tradition that celebrates the female voice and the possibilities of self-expression.

As teachers / writers / scholars, we have a longstanding interest in the reflective, educative, and revelatory nature of personal writing. Does writing a parenting blog necessitate presenting news about close relations and relationships? What is frank and fair and what constitutes stepping over the line in talking about others? What are dangers of unsanctioned digital talk? Are there measures or flexible standards to guide how much to reveal about self and others, and how do these questions play out for bloggers with an online presence?
How Caitlyn Jenner is like an emotionally reckless mommy blogger
Monday, 1 May 2017

Careless people are dangerous and immature.  Check Gatsby. The villains in this American tragedy are reckless with other people's emotions. The same is being said of Caitlyn Jenner of the publication of her The Secrets of My Life.  One reviewer calls her "emotionally careless with the women in her life" in "How Caitlyn Jenner Betrays Her Family in Her New Memoir The Secrets of My Life".

There may be some lessons to be learned for mommy bloggers who want to talk about their families, especially when their children are moving into adulthood.

How does the nature of a family blog change by the very definition of aging and maturing children within the family?

Let's speculate a bit about possible areas related to family for bloggers to explore as their children mature. We could talk about job market and educational opportunities for young adult children, questions associated with their development from home out into the world as they take on more responsibility and independence.

Yet the question is, should the challenges our children face really be the main focus or burning interest of parent bloggers who, in their own lives, face personal challenges associated with this family transition time, as well as questions of aging and personal development and growth.

This is the question of balance. Is this a time to give kids more space and to leave them alone as topic areas in social media?  In real life, a mother's relationship  with her kids shifts as they grow up. Like it or not, she learns she is not privy to the all the details of a grown child's daily activities, and that it's not up to her to fix all problems and bring happiness. If she were to turn to her blog to write about the child, such ruminations take her in the opposite direction of practicing a mindful letting go and respecting  her child's independence.

If the child is successfully making the transition from teen to adulthood, a mother's writing about it can not be really interesting to others who are bound to hear self-satisfaction. Was it was Dostoevsky who pointed out that the most interesting families are unhappy ones?  He wrote fiction. In blogs, it's probably a worse gaff to write about how children struggle and suffer. Should they bump into these pages, they're bound to feel betrayed.

Should this time be one where adult children and their parents agree to share their family story, this may be the only time when a blogs are positioned to share family history.

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